Fleece Preparation Workshop with Lori Keller

Our November workshop welcomed Lori Keller to share about her methods for Taking the Fear Out of Selecting and Processing Raw Fleece.

She shared different considerations to include when looking at the price of the fleece, questions to ask the shepherd and different aspects of the fleece that will affect prep time.  Lori explained ‘skirting’ a fleece, advantages to doing it yourself whether you’re cleaning the fiber yourself or not, and brought in a few fleeces for us to practice skirting.

We passed around several samples of wool in various stages of processing: raw fleece, washed fleece, & carded batts Lori made on a drum carder.

We also were given samples of fleece to practice washing & rinsing using Dawn or Unicorn Power Scour so we could compare the products.   

Lori demonstrated how to use hand combs for a more worsted-style fiber prep and hand cards for a more woolen-style prep. Lori also sent us home with samples to practice preparing and spinning!

Thanks to Lori for sharing all of her experiences with fleece with us!

Guild Member Donita Westman