A Wool Gathering at Young’s Dairy

As part of our 80th anniversary, COWFG attended the 22nd annual A Wool Gathering in Yellow Springs at Young’s Dairy on Saturday, September 16 and Sunday, September 17.  We had a great time teaching all ages to weave and spin. 

Many people were interested in trying the loom. I talked with a quilter who had always wanted to learn how to use the drop spindle.  She shared a private lesson with Pat Bullen.  I also received questions about our guild from a member of the Miami Valley Weavers Guild. It was exciting to know that people were interested in our upcoming events.

A huge thank you for everyone who volunteered to demonstrate, for the donations that were enjoyed by all who visited and for all who shared their knowledge.  I am looking forward to next year.

Guild Member Connee Draper