Yarn Exchange – February 2024*

Secret Yarn Exchange

Would you enjoy having someone make a gift for you using yarn from your stash while you make a gift for someone else with yarn from their stash? If so, join the COWFG Secret Yarn Exchange!

*NOTE: Due to inclement weather, the retreat at Spring Hollow Lodge was scaled back. The Yarn Exchange has now been moved to the February meeting.

How to Participate:

— Select the yarn from your stash – the amount and type are up to you.

— Put your yarn in an opaque bag and take it to the April 15, 2023 guild meeting. Contact one of the coordinators, listed below, if you want to participate but can’t attend the meeting.

— Complete this form and put it IN your bag. Include your name, which the coordinators will cut off of the form and keep. The rest of the anonymous form should have a message/hit for the person who will make something with your yarn. Example: “these colors would look great in my kitchen” or “this yarn might look good for socks, my feet are 10″ long” or “I really love this yarn but I just can’t figure out what to make with it.”

— At that same April guild meeting, you will go home with a bag of yarn from another Secret Yarn Exchange participant.

— You will have until February 2024 to make something with the yarn. You may use any technique you wish, such as knitting, weaving, crochet, tatting, etc. You must use at least some of the yarn in the bag, but not necessarily all of it, and you may also add yarn(s) from your own stash.

The Reveal – February 2024 Meeting

We’ll celebrate our efforts and find out who had whose yarn. Each participant will present the gift they have created to the owner of the yarn.


If you have questions, or if you want to participate but cannot attend the April 2023 guild meeting, contact one of the Secret Yarn Exchange coordinators, Vanessa Fuson ([email protected]) or Rae Joseph ([email protected]).